St. James Episcopal Church Graveyard – Poetry by Cathryn Clinton

Childe Hassam – Colonial Graveyard at Lexington

Burrowes and Bartons
Isabelle, Susan, and Thomas McMann
Together we sit and
Enjoy the spring sun.
Dogwoods and tulips
Shed their white petals.
They fall and stick to
The granite headstones
And who’s to say whether I or they
Are enjoying the stillness more.

About the Poet

Cathryn Clinton is the author of the critically acclaimed and award-winning A Stone in My Hand, as well as The Calling, her first novel, which was named a “Publisher’s Weekly Flying Start.” She graduated with an MFA in Creative Writing from Vermont College and lives in southeastern Pennsylvania.

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One thought

  1. I love how beautifully this poem brings back memory of walking through the old country graves up in my mountain, nothing in sight but the battered white church and winding road. ❤

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