The nepalese ant – Poetry by Tamara Raidt

M.C. Escher – Ant

One day I spoke to a nepalese ant
on a bathroom wall
she was one of many
to walk
but one of the few
to break the line.
Her burden was heavy
it was a crumb of the bread
I had for lunch.
I’m happy to know now
I saved it for her.
I met a nepalese ant that maybe came
from India or Tibet – I didn’t ask –
while taking a shower
so I went a few inches with her.
Isn’t it strange how her whole world
is an infinite part of mine
and mine might be an infinite part
of an other one ?
The next day I came back
with a bigger crumb
but I never found her.
So I left and I’m pretty sure
none of us told the others
about the encounter.

About the Poet

Tamara Raidt is a 23-year-old French woman, currently teaching at King’s College London. She has been writing poetry since her childhood and has published her first poetry collection in France, “My mind on a chalkboard”.

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