This Week’s Poetry Recommendations: J.A. Carter-Winward

J.A. Carter-Winward is an excellent writer, poet, and person — and this week, I’d like to encourage the Vita Brevis community to support her latest books. She has supported Vita Brevis since it was a humble and aimless WordPress blog, and the least I can do in return is highlight her excellent creative projects.

  • One of her latest publications is a collection called work in progress. dialogues and poems, which “examines the most important and unanswered questions of our time through satire and an unflinching scrutiny of the current socio-cultural zeitgeist and the world’s major religions featuring poetry and fictional dialogues between ‘God’ and biblical/modern-day luminaries, and others.”
  • She also released If it Stings…that means it’s working, “centered on her unique, yet ordinary Mormon family, Carter-Winward uses her distinctive narrative-style poetry to give us a profoundly intimate portrayal of family life that both comforts and disturbs.”
  • J.A. and her husband also founded a non-profit called The Black Box Warning Initiative, “creating awareness through short films, music, and poetry, about debilitating and/or fatal medication side effects on over 800+ FDA-approved medications.”