Danger – Poetry by Barbara Brooks

The Veiled Heart – Salvador Dali

One of my hearts can barely hold the ethereal scent
of morning’s mimosa. The young, red-bellied

woodpeckers learning to eat the suet fills my smile.
Soon they are pros.

George’s (the dog) face when he destroys the potholder is
beyond fun. Jake’s bark when on the trail

gives me a rush. It is this heart
that expands to hold infinite peaceful scenes.

But my other heart is an organ, pumping a few ounces
of blood with each beat. It is dangerous to overload

this muscle beyond capacity. It won’t rupture, just grow in size
until it pumps no more. Both hearts will leave together.

About the Poet

Barbara Brooks, author of “The Catbird Sang” and “A Shell to Return to the Sea” chapbooks, is a member of Poet Fools.  Her work has been accepted in Avalon Literary Review, Chagrin River Review, The Foundling Review, Blue Lake ReviewThird Wednesday, Peregrine, Tar River Poetry, Silkworm among others.

For the first time in nearly five years, Vita Brevis is closed for submission. Read the full story here.

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