Tribute to The Forest – Poetry by Joni Caggiano

Gustav Klimt – Fir Forest

Disentangling my body as my spirit flows without restraint
through the dreams of the elusive creatures of the blessed forest.
My skin touches tiny petals of love that float freely
as cottonwood trees have turned the forest into a winter’s land.
As their fleecy white seeds blow into my dreamland with a subtle gust
reminiscent of the exquisite white feather of the Albino Cardinal,
turning sultry air cooler, and into melodies of the water lilies.
Floating with caution scarcely touching the gentle Swan neck moss
as I tiptoe to the sounds of the covered land beneath the forest.
Light brown is the speckled fur of a newborn fawn wrapped within itself
helpless as it lay in a pine needle nest awaiting the solace of a mother.
Golden dart male frogs calling out in their tempo to find a willful mate,
it’s strength, a poison plentiful enough to slay ten blameless humans.
Oh sing to me sanctioned memories of your charms I cling to so tender
bringing back your magic, blessed, and marvelous forest of my youth.
Swallow me in your belly, for God will bring me back to this splendor.
Until then, my gentle friend, I will dream of you from above your tops,
where eagles fly, and children play and share their treasured honey drops.

About the Poet

Joni Caggiano is the author of “The Path Toward the Light.”  Her work also appears in Spillwords Press and The Finest Example, where her photography is also featured.  Living in North Carolina, after retiring from nursing and hospital administration, Joni now devotes her time to writing, a passion she has had since she was thirteen.  Find more of her work here

For the first time in nearly five years, Vita Brevis is closed for submission. Read the full story here.

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