Of Home – Poetry by Carrie Magness Radna

Maxfield Parrish – Knave of Hearts

The ones that follow the wind’s whims,
they are not lost, choosing to roam 
upon the Earth’s face and corners
;the whole world is their home;
their hearts burning like an inferno.

The ones that build their houses in one spot,
skyscrapers, shacks and cul-de-sacs,
their souls are calmed and quieted
while staring longingly at the fire 
growing in the hearth.

About the Poet

Carrie Magness Radna is a NYPL cataloger, singer and poet born in Norman, Oklahoma. Previous publications: The Oracular Tree, Tuck Magazine, Muddy River Poetry Review, First Literary Review-East, The Poetic Bond VIII & IX (Willowdown Books), and Shot Glass Journal. Her latest poetry collection, Hurricanes never apologize (Luchador Press) was published in December 2019. She now lives in Manhattan.

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