Sol – Poetry by TAK Erzinger

Oftentimes the sun freshly awoken hangs
as if a ripe fruit, like it’s an orange-
or maybe a gold coin unearthed; egg yolk spilt
between cracked peaks. It rolls out this morning
glowing on the valley, past the emerging hills
where I tread by bare trees, recalling matchsticks.
Vertebrae aligned with smooth stones,
bearing each step, then disappearing in leaves.

It’s there, I recognise that I’m alight, am ready to burst,
the matured fruit. It’s me who has arisen, deciding to follow
the country road, up early, sliding the hill down, illuminating,
I find that child dancing across the cackling creek
the brightest light: now loved, now free.

About the Poet

TAK Erzinger is an American/Swiss poet and artist with a Colombian background. Her poetry and personal essays have been featured in Mojave He[art] Review, Cirrus Poetry Review, The Beautiful Space Journal, The Curlew, The Rising Phoenix Review, I-70 Review, The Avocet, The Woolf Magazine and more. Her debut poetry collection entitled, “Found: Between the Trees” (Grey Borders Books 2019) is currently available here. She lives in a Swiss valley with her husband and cats.

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