Turtles – Poetry by Holly Day

Ducks on the Pond at Montfoucault – Camille Pissaro

At the far end of the pond, a family of ducks
makes its way across the water. The mother duck
cuts quickly towards the safety of the tall cattails
as if aware of the danger stalking her brood.

As I watch, first one, then another yellow duckling
are pulled beneath the surface, so fast
it might be some sort of duck magic trick.
The mother duck plunges grimly ahead
the remaining brood close behind.

By the time she reaches the far shore, there are only two babies
left to follow. She slows her retreat and urges them forward
into the shadow of exposed willow roots, the safety of the shallows,
eyes fixed on the depths where her children disappeared.

About the Poet

Holly Day’s poetry has recently appeared in Asimov’s Science Fiction, Grain, and The Tampa Review. Her newest poetry collections are In This Place, She Is Her Own (Vegetarian Alcoholic Press), A Wall to Protect Your Eyes (Pski’s Porch Publishing), Folios of Dried Flowers and Pressed Birds (Cyberwit.net), Where We Went Wrong (Clare Songbirds Publishing), Into the Cracks (Golden Antelope Press), and Cross Referencing a Book of Summer (Silver Bow Publishing), while her newest nonfiction books are Music Theory for Dummies and Tattoo FAQ.

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