The Anthology is Out! (“#1 New Bestseller” for Poetry Anthologies)

UPDATE: #1 bestselling new poetry anthology on Amazon! Get your copies here!

After many months of work, Vita Brevis‘ first anthology is ready!

I’m proud to say that every poem included in the collection is superb, and that all of the poets, whether they’re new or well-established in the literary world, are really going to floor you.

Pain & Renewal features a collection of incredible voices — from Pulitzer and Pushcart prize winners to brand new poets, it’s filled with moving poetry about the highs and lows of the human experience.

This wouldn’t have been possible without the support of the thousands of Vita Brevis readers and contributors. It’s hard to imagine that only two years ago the first Vita Brevis poem was published. I’m excited to take this publication to the next level — and I’m thankful for your stellar poetry that made it all possible.

How Do I Get My Copies?

The book has been professionally formatted for digital and print publication — so whether you prefer sitting back with your Kindle or curling up with a book, you’ll have a great reading experience.

You can get the digital or print versions here:

I know it’ll live up to your expectations. I’d love to hear your feedback, be it through comments, emails, of reviews. Stay tuned — there are bigger things coming from Vita Brevis Press.

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      1. Honored to participate. I have a friend in the UK who wants to purchase the book on Kindle. They told me they can’t because it isn’t available in their country. Any idea on how they can purchase the book? Thank you for any help you may be able to give.

  1. Congratulations!!!! Brian this is great news and I’m so thrilled to be part of the Vita Brevis Journey from the beginnning.Thanks always for supporting my work. Just ordered the print version and will be spreading the word on my social media accounts.

  2. Great news, Brian! And my heartiest Congratulations! It’s my privilege to have my poem published in your magazine… All my wishes and prayers for your unending, magnificent journey! Thanks, for everything!

  3. Brian,

    I hope you are doing something to celebrate this accomplishment. It has been amazing to be part of the Vita Brevis Journey from the beginning and watch your website grow and now your first anthology. You are an inspiration.
    I just ordered my copies.Thank you for including my voice in this first anthology. The world needs poetry. I appreciate your dedication to helping it thrive.

  4. I feel like Naven R. Johnson felt when he got the new phone book and he found his name printed inside…”My name in print! I’m somebody now!” And while gas station attendants may naysay, wishing they could “get this excited over nothing,” I’m sure this anthology is something wonderful, not just for you, Brian, and not just for those who got to contribute, but for those who are moved by it as well. may this anthology meet people in the dark places, may it linger there, may it glow with warmth, and may it reproduce.

  5. An excellent collection, Brian. I’m proud to be a part of the group effort presenting poems on “pain” and “renewal.” Rock on!

  6. Congratulations!! I know what a long, hard road this has been for you Brian and I am so proud of you. I am humbled and honored that you chose a poem of mine to be included and have orded my print copies and purchased the Kindle version. Thank you for your dedication to the Art of Poetry and supporting us new poets. You accepted us into the Vita Brevis family, supported our work and gave us so much valuable information. Thank you Brian… For being a friend and for all you do!

  7. Many thanks for including me in this volume among such accomplished poets. Truly honored and I hope to continue to be in this community. I’ve donated a copy to our local community college where I work and where it will be available to our poet-students. Just keep writing!

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