The Comfort of Age – Poem by Walt Page

Old Shoes – Grant Wood

There is a special comfort
Always found in an old pair of shoes
Well broken in
Leather softened by time
It’s the same for old T-Shirts
The ones that you will never throw away
Even though they may be ripped and torn
It seems like most things
Were made better in years past
But progress demanded
Speed and increased production
Cheaper materials are now used to lower cost
Not many shoe repair shops still exist
Crafts and trades that made our country
Have slowly disappeared
So we cling to our old shoes
Old clothes and old memories
Giving us at least a sense of comfort
While we we seek out the shoemakers
And artisans of today

About the Poet

Walt Page, “The Tennessee Poet,” is a romantic old rock drummer and US Air Force veteran living the country life in Tennessee and writing poetry on love, life, music and whatever comes to mind. Owner of Teaka, a palomino paint mare, Glacier, a registered Blue Roan Gypsy Vanner gelding and 10 rescue dogs. Published on Visual Verse, Vita Brevis, and Slasher Magazine.

15 thoughts

  1. I still possess a pair of cuban heeled leather boots Walt, well passed their sell by date yet too comfortable to discard as for t-shirts don’t get me started. Great to see you published – Brian knows when he’s on a winner.

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