Poughkeepsie – Poem by Renee Agatep

Flowers in a Black Vase – Odilon Redon

Poetry by Renee Agatep

I wish she were
crisp, bright – like a sun-
dried and bleached bedsheet
on my father’s clothes line but
I cannot hold her –
a pale blue balloon
in a cloudless sky.

A fanning, waving polaroid
instamatic blur between thumb and forefinger
Nearly forgotten – leaning
battered cross warning from the
wild flower median, yet
We don’t speak of it.

They carry her like pockets
full of midnight
skipping stones – hollowly clicking,
concealed, aching
for moonlit lakes
just the other side of the guardrail.

About the Poet

Renee Agatep is an American author residing in St. Augustine, Florida with her husband and their children. She earned her master’s degree in Corporate Communications from Northeastern University in Boston. Renee is currently studying English Literature at the University of Central Florida.

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