River Man – Poem by Harold Strauss

Gustave Caillebotte – The Bather, or The Diver

Poetry by Harold Strauss

When I see the sunlight filter through the foliage
And fall across your face
I think back to the 80’s
And the river where we met.

I had my Walkman by Panasonic on my chest.
It was that RQ-SX91 in Gold that you called “haughty.”
And I told you there’s no sense in playing Mahler
On anything less.

You laughed at me. And, as if in retaliation, I asked what you were reading
But you never showed me. You just dipped your feet into the river,
And launched into the water. Leaving your towel behind on the grass.

Still warm.

I watched you as I moved from my towel
To yours.
And I’ve been there ever since.

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