Glow – Poem by Alessandra Davy-Falconi

Poetry by Alessandra Davy-Falconi

These were the days when everything was a powder
To be poured, kissed with water, heated
And swallowed, the days
When a word was more pixel than sound,
When pain became a performance of
Blame, are you watching
In real time, the stream of living
Picks up powder when it washes
Into our ears from our delicate fingers
Expertly thumbing through days
Of life poured into pixels, kissed with tears
Heated, and swallowed.

About the Poet

Alessandra Davy-Falconi is a phoenix who recently completed her undergraduate degree in history while working full-time in corporate America.  In her personal time she writes, makes art, and reads as much as possible. Her work has previously appeared in Litbreak, Flash Fiction Magazine, Philadelphia Stories, and Strong Verse, among others.  Look her up if you’re curious.

2 thoughts

  1. I like this poem, even though I’m not sure of the meaning. It’s probably different for everyone. I like the way the words flow. Thanks for posting.

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