The Untamed – Poem by Laura Moverin

Poetry by Laura Moverin

I nurse my pain like an ageing wine
I keep it in a cool dark place
As still and cold as a frozen lake
But then you come with your blazing flame
The melt water begins to run
Tears pooling in my eyes
Was it ever so?
That we must feel to let go?
I see the shadow illuminated
And my younger self stands there
With rags and matted hair
A wild thing that I must tame
That I must know and give a name
She regards me with distrust
But I welcome her because I must

About the Poet

Laura is a Brisbane based artist and poet. She was born in Africa and came to Australia as a child. Currently she works with teenagers as a librarian and is part of a writers club. As a visual artist she works with many forms and mediums. She loves art, nature, children, music and all that is playful. She deals with two invisible disabilities that make life interesting.

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