The Immigrant Experience – Poem by Esha Mishra

Poetry by Esha Mishra

We arrive
At the eerie shores
And build a life
Have some kids
Give them names that will
Fit into the mouths of strangers
Find a job
But we’re always a little lost
The words don’t roll off our tongue quite right
We wander through foreign food aisles
Turn up the music from the good ol’ days in our cars
Book plane ticket after plane ticket
To hang on to the ones we left behind
Embracing the few we find who are like us on the new soil

We never belong again
Some part of us is always left behind
And the other
Is always searching for something more
That we will never find

About the Poet

Esha Mishra is a senior at the University of Chicago Laboratory Schools. She has been writing poetry since she was eleven and is debuting her first poetry book, Whispers of the Lotus, soon. She writes for the Renaissance Journal and has been awarded several Gold Keys in the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards. She is also an American Voices Nominee. 

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