Lastly in Istanbul – Poem by Lynne Cattafi

Poetry by Lynne Cattafi

Because you wrote promises on clouds, 
the backs of menus, and on baby’s breath.
Because I lacked courage.
Because I can still hear the call to prayer 
in that distant land where we landed together,
meze and Efes on the Bosphorus.
Because we lied.
Because we could only love each other 
in far-flung places.
Because I didn’t know your whole story
and you could not imagine mine.
Because you left me standing on the corner 
in front of the flower shop with nothing more than 
I can’t right now.
Because you couldn’t say no but wanted to,
when you did, because when you finally did,
you were already gone.

About the Poet

Lynne Cattafi teaches English to middle schoolers at a private school in New Jersey. When she’s not teaching her students to love writing poetry and reading books, she enjoys drinking coffee, building Lego cities from scratch with her children, walking her beagle, and reading historical fiction and mysteries. Her poetry has appeared in Elephants Never, Marias at Sampaguitas and Vita Brevis. She can be found on Twitter at @lynnecatt. 

2 thoughts

  1. Oh my god this gave me so many feelings. The opening, “Because you wrote promises on clouds,
    the backs of menus, and on baby’s breath” is simply incredible and immediately thought provoking. This is so, so good.

  2. Glad I finally read this one, sorry I missed it when first posted. Tight, simple and sincere — for what more could one ask?

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