Sevensixteennineteen – Poem by Dan Flosi

Poetry by Dan Flosi

while you picked wild flowers
for mom’s bouquet, i sat
and watched the clouds shape

the Great Mountain. and wondered at
all that it cared for. and wondered at
the ease with which it’s done.
content i sit and care for you
in nearly the same way.

lunchtime for swallows,
dozens of them appear, in a frenzy,
and before you were finished,
they disappeared. as we disappeared

into the folds of the earth
into gentle streams of cloud

About the Poet

Dan Flosi is an American poet and artist living in the greater Seattle metro area. He is a husband and dad. He increasingly finds himself spending his time in the forest and on trails, instead of big box stores and super malls. He has had work published in Vita Brevis, and is currently working on his manuscript. 

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