Oyster – Poem by John Hicks

Poetry by John Hicks

black and gray
muck-thick nightmare
dredged from the bottom
of the Chesapeake

fleshly plump
silken softness cased
in milky opalescence
you filter in obscurity

a single muscle
locks out demands
of the world above
until I pick you up

blunt oyster knife
and scraped fingers
I seek your vulnerable
spot for the blade

to thrust and twist
until you yield
to lay you in a dish
with five of your kind

About the Poet

John Hicks is an emerging poet: has been published or accepted for publication by:  Valparaiso Poetry Review, I-70 Review, Ekphrastic Review, Glint Literary Journal, Midnight Circus,Bangor Literary Journal, Mojave River Review, Vita Brevis, and others.

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