Ferris Wheel – Poem by Phillip Knight Scott

Poetry by Phillip Knight Scott

We swam through the fair,
wading through the smell
of funnel cake and other fried treats
threatening to fill our lungs,
deliciously drowning us

amid carnival barkers and juggling dogs,
lights as bright as sunfish
eyes and other sea creatures
of a habit not unfamiliar to us.

Children dreaming of cotton
candy land, stepping
from the Ferris wheel, and giggle
with glee, breathing sugar with
a taste of excitement bred

from another summer night not
in school, as we float upstream, pushing
against the tide washing through
the school of revelers, cleansed at last.

About the Poet

Phillip Knight Scott is a native of Durham, North Carolina, where he lives and writes poetry. A husband and father, he finds happiness in family, friends, reading, and of course writing. He enjoys creating expansive worlds in as few words as possible. 

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