EDITOR’S CHOICE: Morning with Beethoven – Poem by Mary Rohrer-Dann

EDITOR’S CHOICE: Bringing our favorite previously-published poetry back to the front page.

Poetry by Mary Rohrer-Dann

At first light, my mother shuffles
onto the dark kitchen. I lie curled
under covers in the living room, breathe
in the smell of her strong coffee, listen.

Beethoven fills the apartment. Strings,
deep-throated horns, splashing cymbals.

Whatever the day might bring—news
of a friend’s fall, another funeral,
anxious hunt for misplaced keys—
our morning begins in grace.

About the Poet

Mary Rohrer-Dann is a Pennsylvania writer and painter. These poems are part of a chapbook-in-progress, Taking the Long Way Home. Two earlier works, La Scaffetta: Poems from the Foundling Drawer and Accidents of Being, were adapted to stage by Tempest Productions, Inc. and produced in NYC; State College, PA; and Philadelphia

5 thoughts

    1. No wonder my morning doesn’t start without relaxing with coffee (maybe i should change the channel on my radio & listen to classical music too)
      THanks for the memories Marishka!

    2. Thanks so much, Mark! Sorry for the delay in responding – just saw your comment. Your words mean a lot.

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