Library Anxiety – Poem by Catherine Moscatt

Poetry by Catherine Moscatt

There are always fire trucks
In the parking lot across from
The library
After 8 pm
Lights on, ladders extended
But purpose unknown
Is this practice, is this for show?
It means closing time soon
I see the anxieties in my peripheral
Vision as I turn off computer terminals,
Cover DVDs
It means fear as a nightcap and it means
I can’t hide behind books any longer, no print to protect me
Tonight my dad brings me out
To see the moon
The fire trucks under the moon look
Just like one of those picture books I shelved
My dad puts his arm around me
Another picture
I don’t feel so afraid anymore

About the Poet

Catherine Moscatt is a 22 year old writer, crafter and volleyball player. She enjoys loud music and bad horror movies. Previous publications include Poesis, Better than Starbucks and the Charles Carter Anthology.

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