A Satisfaction – Poem by Devika Mathur

Summer Porch – Childe Hassam

Poetry by Devika Mathur

I hid my sunburn in wildgrass
Where the chirp and sway
Of an aquamarine cusp lingers between drags
There is something soothing
About the abandoned damage of smoke
There is satisfaction in its wave
There is distraction in polluted breath
The violation of its function is as romantic
As ignoring the church’s call
It is always the bend of last time
But I can only be the edge of summer’s home
And nest of unresolved slumber
As I tip toe with a bird winded chant
Hosting a facetious grin and lucid aspiration

A satisfaction, I say so.
whirling around my square mouth,
and so I am a chatter of life’s teeth
always listening to opaque things
a hiccuping child of the goddess.
The trees have begun to shiver again,
spooling in intimate corridors.
I am a night eater,
with mud and stars all stuffed in my mouth.
And so I walk along,
hiding my blood consonants in the sky.
Fidgeting the sculpted scrawny veins
eating the pores of my skin,
I feel a soothing sound of dewdrops still.
Perfectly imperfect trembling on my bare knuckles.
There is satisfaction still,
a thread of fine eternal restlessness.

About the Poet

Devika Mathur is a published poetess residing in India. Her works have been published in magazines like Visual Verse, Indian Periodicals, Blue ink poetry, Sudden Denouement among various others. She has been the part of the amazing anthology “All the lonely people” and is a contributor writer for Whisper and the roar and blood into ink. Recently, she started her own online magazine “olive skins” for surreal writers. You can find her blog here.

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