The Room of Void – Poem by Snehashree Mandal

Poetry by Snehashree Mandal

The portraits fell out of the crests,
they once adorned. The room had
nothing to call my own, except the
winds. Tears fell on my doorway
where laughter once squealed.
I tried, tried in vain all these years,
to hope, gape & shape a future.
I cannot even say, one grain my own,
though I grasped tightly my palm
all this while.
That bitter pain healed me strangely
as I thought I sat to mourn.
It brought me peace, quite unknown
to my sanctum, once where
raged the storm and tide,
once where flowed the void wide.

About the Poet

I am Snehashree Mandal, a woman of colour from India. After ten years of work, I decided I needed change. I began taking poetry more seriously, and my work has since been published in Spillwords, FemAsia magazine, and The International Poetry Digest (the latter two are forthcoming). You can read more on my blog.

13 thoughts

  1. Thank you for taking the time to explain. That is so thoughtful. Writing and reading take a lot of time–I know–that’s why I haven’t been around much. Good luck with all of your projects, Brian!

  2. Good for you. You are one busy guy. Absolutely take care of your educational needs foremost. And congratulations on your new writing work. We aren’t going anywhere.

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