On Human Understanding – Poem by Brian Rihlmann

Poetry by Brian Rihlmann

I visited a cave in Oregon once
a hollow tube running
through black volcanic rock

It was self-guided and unlit
and I was the only one
there that day

They said a lantern works best
I only had a small flashlight
but in I went

I followed a rough path down
around a corner
until the sunlight vanished

and the darkness
sucked the light from that tiny bulb
and laughed

About the Poet

Brian Rihlmann was born in NJ, and currently lives in Reno, NV.  He writes mostly semi-autobiographical, confessional free verse. He has been published in Constellate Magazine, Poppy Road Review, The Rye Whiskey Review, Cajun Mutt Press and has an upcoming piece in The American Journal Of Poetry.

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