Daisy Fleabane – Poem Mary Shay McGuire

Poetry by Mary Shay McGuire

on a spring evening
I snitched daisy fleabane
from the nature meadow
no one will miss her
small white innocence

she is alone now
in a glass vase
in my stark kitchen
far from her field

the world darkens
she wraps her petals
around her sun center
she becomes a pale violet
small, exotic, erotic
completely alone

About the Poet

Mary Shay McGuire was introduced to poetry in grammar school when she was given book of poetry. Poetry has been with her since then and the gift was the impetus for her beginning to write poetry. She graduated from Newton College of the Sacred Heart—now part of Boston College– and then studied painting in Paris. Later she graduated from the Pennsylvania State University with an MFA in Writing Poetry. She has published poems in Vita Brevis, Literary Heist, Literary Yard, Eclectica, and other venues and has won the Hackney Prize for Poetry and the New Millennium Prize.

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