A Moon Away from New York City – Poem by J.C. Rodriguez

Poetry by J.C. Rodriguez

I sip something cool staring at the concrete moon
it doesn’t move. it doesn’t spin. it doesn’t glow.
you still occupy a small untouched lot in my head
in a little car you left back at home, burning tires
on the surface of this moon, doing donuts on the axis

as you drive infinite eights and circles, the exhaust
breathes a cloudy vortex around me, and I inhale
the residue of what I imagine to be soul – it soothes.
but I cough it out and gag, in refusal. a need to solidify
my own importance in your universe – is why you remain
a smoky satellite in my head’s orbit. or is it because you
keep doing donuts around the moon that encases
my chest and pulls my brain – that I can’t remove you?

About the Poet

J.C. Rodriguez a writer and educator from New York.  He spends most of his time thinking about rent, the stars, and regrettable texts – in that order.  His work has been previously featured on The Coast and Secret Lovers Small Press, and he is currently working on getting his Masters in Social Work.

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