EDITOR’S CHOICE: Rules of Behavior – Poem by Mikels Skele

EDITOR’S CHOICE AWARD: Bringing some of my favorite previously-published poems back to the front page.

Poetry by Mikels Skele

1. Panic.

A bomb falls on a hospital
some children are sealed in a cave
a sleeping trucker slams into a minivan
someone fails to notice a birthday

A rock as big as a house falls on Siberia
a pope sneezes, an earthquake
splits a graveyard in two

Leaves are falling
can you hear their names?
Can you count the dust motes
in a stray sunbeam before it’s gone?

God, on the other hand,
knowing everything, sees nothing

2. Surrender.

You waken in the night,
alone and terrified

Dead on arrival, stillborn,
accepting nothing, seeing only
beginning and end; you would cry out
but who would hear?

Imagine a fish, surrounded by water,
salt, tiny organisms in their billions
rubbing its scales, trying to understand
the meager oxygen gleaned in its gills

The blood of oceans courses your veins
your breath is volcanic vapor
your sinews the strands of time
you are the means by which
electrons communicate, nothing more

Mikels Skele, having retired from archaeology, spends his time writing poetry, essays and short stories.  He maintains two blogs, Exiles Child for poetry and Omniop for prose. His poetry was regularly featured in VerseWrights.

One thought

  1. Excellent work. Short on qualifiers, long on nouns and verbs of intriguing moment. If God is a vacuum teeming with virtual particles of thought, this poem is one of His most aware psalms. Thanks, VITA BREVIS, for reposting this gem!

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