To Vincent – Poem by Kihyeon Lee

Poetry by Kihyeon Lee

What with his soul he did see
Not with his eyes that are only mortal
Now I think sometimes I can see
Like a moment in time captured eternal

To be forever reminiscent
Of the short while he spent
On Earth, or life’s sweetest scent
Of fragrance that is only evanescent.

It’s my eyes that may see it beautiful
Like a bundle of sun-flowers in a vase,
As much as my heart feels it sorrowful
Like the scars so weathered on his face.

Hope is a thing for everybody,
For it is so common and cheap,
While despair is loved by nobody
But a soul that is dark and deep.

Every once in a while I face the twilight,
Thinking of the bitterness that would blight
Your blooming hopes with every heavy night-fall,
Which could not put to sleep your sadness and all,

And now I think sometimes I know
How you suffered for your sanity,
Though I can’t just let them go
As evidence life is but a vanity.

I water them not to wither
For the one gone far hither,
Not with what my eyes shed
But what my soul does instead.

About the Poet

Kihyeon Lee was born, raised, and educated in the North Jeolla Province of South Korea. He studied German Literature at a university, and his English is mostly self-taught. He enjoys sauntering in the mountains and listening to classical music and opera.

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