Balance – Poem by Sandra Donohoe

Poetry by Sandra Donohoe

It happens sometimes that
People lose feelings.
And they lose
opportunities, keys
Time and memories.

Moments too are lost.
As are receipts and fivers.
And in finding ourselves
We can lose the plot –
Of our narratives.

But where do they go?
Is sublimation to blame –
Or do earrings and intentions just
melt away like snow?

Energy is neither created
Nor destroyed. Maybe then,
When I’ve lost things and my mind –
Someone, somewhere, finds theirs.

About the Poet

Sandra is a thirty-five-year-old Secondary School teacher of English and Religious Education in the Republic of Ireland. Her academic background is in both the medical sciences and the Humanities. Never one to she away from a challenge, she began writing and sharing poetry after a colleague insisted she could not write a sonnet.  From there she attended a short writers course and began experimenting with her own style. Her preferred poets are the Romantics although modern Irish poetry has a special place in her heart. Shakespeare remains her first literary love. She was recently published in an anthology titled ‘Teachers who write’ and continues to write when time allows or when inspiration takes over. While she is a long way from finding her personal writing style she thoroughly enjoys the search!

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