Set it Free – Poem by Lilli Reine

Poetry by Lilli Reine

A river is bound under this quarry
Swirling in booming silence
Swelling in blind crashes
Torrential, tormented

How did this stone come to be?
Weighting down the calm
Breaking the clarity
Forcing the lucid into dank darkness

Catapulted curses
Barbed, bitter
Massive, mine

Pulverize these boulders complete
Until they are piffling dust
Leave no memorial, nothing to skirt
Then will they fall to the floor and cause
My soul to finish its course

About the Poet

While her mind wanders frequently to her native eastern shore, Lilli Reine’s laptop keys click away in Ohio – in wait. Nearly three decades of mentoring young women bolster her depository of thoughts and perspectives. Her poetry has been published in Vita Brevis.

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