Wind on the Plains – Poem by Susi Bocks

Poetry by Susi Bocks

Miles and miles in every direction,
there’s nothing there
but everything.
It feels good to inhale the scenery.
As my eyes dance
upon the selections available
on the veritable feast
of nature’s buffet,
delight and smiles course
through me for the
next few miles.

I watch as the wind glides
across the plains, pushing the clouds
in a seemingly tossed direction.
All I see are gray waves
of shadows and intermittent
sun-rich grasses dance before me,
almost pushing me along the road
towards my destination.

The bits of wintry white
left behind on tan fields
and the dusty vertical lines
etched on the side
of the stark black trees soothe me.
I see layers of rust, cream, and yellow-colored
vertical rocks jut upwards.
A human-made path guides me through
to another spectacular view
of an open range.
Dots of cattle herds in the distance
and lakes where they quench their thirst
come into sight.

Oh, how very rich and alive I feel
in the abundance before me.

Susi Bocks is a published author of two books. She was born in Berlin, Germany in 1962 before the infamous Wall came down. Bocks now resides in the middle of Kansas with her husband of 23 years. All her thoughts are recorded on her blog.

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