Overthinking – Poem by Tiina Veikat

Poetry by Tiina Veikat

Influenced by mere traces of wind, lucid perceptions
on water hunting for whispering reflections
in gouache-temples – we´re on eternal standby,
eager witnesses to the promise of a storm – a cruel hush,

About the Poet

Holding some degrees in French, International relations, Art history and Diplomacy has not proved to be as worthwhile as the intoxication of “having butterflies” in Tiina´s stomach whilst building and trimming lines and dots on white paper. Tiina has until now wrtitten in Estonian but English and French have recently become appealing portals, promising rich hunting grounds. All in all, if Tiina could, she´d live in a library. She´d only need a sleep pod, shaped like a bookshelf.

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