Temple – Poem by Katy Santiff

The Lady in Milton’s Cosmus – Joseph Wright

Poetry by Katy Santiff

On the day you died, I prayed before round
golden gods, made their bronze bell giant ring
and when the log-like mallet struck its home,
I felt the way old metals sing–that tone
reached through my flesh and wrapped around my bones.
That sound’s a phantom press when I’m alone.

About the Poet

Katy Santiff has written poetry in various forms all her life.  A fan of meter and rhyme, she loves lines that hypnotize the reader with their sound.  She believes in densely packed poems, preferring them to be mouthful when read aloud.  A lifelong Marylander, she loves waterside living.  She currently resides in Edgewater, Maryland.  Her works have been published in Vita Brevis, Spillwords Press, and (now) Uppagus Magazine.

For the first time in nearly five years, Vita Brevis is closed for submission. Read the full story here.

11 thoughts

  1. Katy, this is beautiful. I love the fullness of your words and lines. You have such a gift. I am your biggest fan.

  2. The sound sweetly and sensibly marries the words, just as, I’m sure, you intend. Congratulations on a well-written piece! Nota Bene: I was born in Greenbelt; always thought Edgewater a much prettier place.

    1. Greenbelt! It’s grown rapidly–there are still some wild places in Edgewater, and that’s why I like it. Thank you for your thoughtful comments

  3. Also: Good work on the part of the editor: THE LADY IN MILTON’S COMUS makes for an excellent companion to this poem. I’ve always enjoyed COMUS; it’s one of Milton’s more accessible achievements; so this painting, for me, works on all levels.

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