Sarajevo, Bosnia – Poem by Sean Stone

by poet Sean Stone

I saw a cemetery once…
Crooked tombstones lamely eroding,
Crosses sustaining the unfenced yard;
How they twisted away from heaven.
A few flowers,
(Red, white, blue)
Flavoring the bland, blank sky.
The grass is not greener on the other side,
If there’s grass at all, save the dust.
And all around this plot of despoiled souls,
Roaring highway drowned out their cries.
Too many to be heard,
Amidst the misplaced names…
In lovely Sarajevo.

About the Poet

Sean Christopher Stone is the director of such documentaries asMetaHumanA Century of War, and Fight Against Time.  He has hosted the online interview program Buzzsaw and is the author of New World Order.  He has been writing poetry since he was a teenager, but has only recently begun submitting his work for publication.

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