The Dying Gaul – A Poem by Roseann Geiger

Kathe Kollwitz – Need

Poetry by Roseann Geiger

you don’t seem real anymore
a murmur belied and inlaid
with liquid gospel
you lie naked in a shadowy barrel
multiplying endpoints of truths
until you disseminate
like a servant’s ancient grave
its rot exceeding memory,
now the bones are laid bare
they teach
and the truth is that
my function as pupil
is to remember teeth
and pilot transition, point to point
masterpiece does not lie waiting within marble
beauty is its disturbance

About the Poet

Roseann Geiger currently resides in Seaford, New York and is employed in a very “non-poetic” position as a Secretary to Justice for New York State Supreme Court.  She enjoys, above all else, spending time with her family and is married with three adult children.  Roseann also loves animals, travel and, of course, poetry.

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