The Collusion of Wile – A Poem by Roseann Geiger

Rene Magritte – Memory

Poetry by Roseann Geiger

a corpulent sleight of hand
untethered and
within its own will
kindling a masquerade

Your intent is not to harm me

a deliberate act
of wicked dexterity
fashioned to channel
bile from moonbeams

Your intent is not to harm me

a psalm
pretty and full of
veiled decor
scented, malevolent

Your need is to devour

the warmth of summer
boiling a stain upward
into hollow cheeks
masking indifference

An excuse is as good as a reason

lies in regalia
lying cherry blossoms
to roses blood rich
in carnal appetite

Your intent was not to harm me

hunger throws a pearl
from a nylon wire
whistles, ensnares
and devours.

You never had control.

About the Poet

Roseann Geiger currently resides in Seaford, New York and is employed in a very “non-poetic” position as a Secretary to Justice for New York State Supreme Court.  She enjoys, above all else, spending time with her family and is married with three adult children.  Roseann also loves animals, travel and, of course, poetry.

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