Today I Will Live in My Body – Poem by Michelle Kinder

Poetry by Michelle Kinder

Today I will live in my body
not above it
not behind it
and – definitely not – in judgment of it

I’ll feel my bare feet on the ground
and not invite a chipped pedicure
onto my to-do list

I’ll swing my hips to Latin beats
and ignore the way the world convinced me
that my curves belong to you

I’ll welcome every opportunity to sweat
or get caught in the rain

I’ll bathe in oils
that tether me to earth and sky

I won’t fear the intoxication of the divine-
the way it moves up my spine and swells my heart

My hair will be wild and smell like lemon

My arms will wrap around everything I love –
I’ll hug like I mean it

I’ll eat when I’m hungry and sip peppermint tea

Today I will live in my body.

About the Poet

Michelle Kinder is a nationally-recognized speaker and consults with leaders and organizations invested in social change. She is a Licensed Professional Counselor and has articles featured in TIME, Washington Post and Huffington Post.  She grew up in Guatemala and lives in Dallas with her husband, Patrick, and theird aughters, Maya and Sophia.

For the first time in nearly five years, Vita Brevis is closed for submission. Read the full story here.

10 thoughts

  1. The beautiful painting goes well with the poem. But I question the attribution — I think this masterpiece is by John William Waterhouse(?) Apologies for the nitpick; I do want to make it clear that I love Vita Brevis’ pairing each poem with a beautiful painting, and I always find that the painting chosen is — as it is here, illustrating this sensuous and feeling-conscious poem — marvelously appropriate. Please keep up the good work of posting great writing alongside wonderful artwork!

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