Faces – A Poem by Walt Page

Rind – M.C. Escher

Poetry by Walt Page: The Tennessee Poet

I see faces in the rain
They all seem to know my name
Just staring
Watching me
Lightning flashes and I see them
No bodies
Just faces from my past
Faces I’ve loved
Faces I’ve hated
Faces that hurt me
And those that I hurt
Haunting me
Taunting me
Music starts
But then it stops
There is only the beat of a drum
Growing louder
Cymbals crashing
Then silence
Lightning flashed and they were gone
Then I realized what they were
And I believed
So many faces and memories
Of a life well lived
In my yesterdays

About the Poet

Walt Page: The Tennessee Poet is a romantic old rock drummer, musician, USAF veteran and an open heart surgery survivor. He has been published on Vita Brevis, Visual Verse and Slasher Monster Magazine. Walt lives in the Tennessee country with his wife Susan, 2 horses, and 9 rescue dogs.

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12 thoughts

  1. after I steeped my soul in your words I thought … this is a song … Then I read you were a drummer, or are a drummer. I like it it’s a great piece, congratulations.

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