Feet on the Edge of the Feeder – A Poem by Eve Dobbins

Boy with a Crow – Akseli Gallen-Kallela

Poetry by Eve Dobbins

Black crows flitter by the cracked fence
Establishing territory
Like the flawed perception of a memory
From long ago of a kingdom
She remembered far away
Where they flew: she and her brother
After they battened down the hatches
Closed all the barn doors
Checked for snakes running through the ground floor
And also those spiders dangling precariously close to their sanity
Before the weather changed from humid to frosty cold
Which invited more thoughts
And more analogy
Of the
Black crows which continued to congregate
Like a small church congregation
Cackling away and staring with deep regard as if waiting
For the right circumstances to pounce
Upon the gold we put in hiding
Little did they know
It was right in front of their faces
Contained by the old books, the photographs, and the
Presence of her loved one
Beside her.

About the Poet

Ms. Dobbins when not teaching English likes to contemplate keto recipes, most likely desserts in hope that she will one day be able to open a keto corner. She is currently working on a thriller based loosely on the immediate Florida area. Well-traveled and well-read her, aspirations lean toward going on a safari in Kenya one day with her husband. 

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