For a Second – A Poem by David Dephy

Above the Eternal Tranquility – Isaac Levitan

Submitted by Poet David Dephy

For a second,
just for a second
on this silent afternoon,
I stopped the stream of
ugliness with my breath
and with my intention.

There was no death from
heaven anymore –
there were no falling
bombs, only the kites
and the valley under
the sun and my father’s
voice was coming from
beyond the valley:
“Believe my boy, believe
my son,” for a second
everything hushed so
quietly around me –
the same silence again

the same calmness again
hung above me and today
is like yesterday –

Everything, everything is
exactly the same, just like
yesterday, but without you.

About the Poet

David Dephy – June 21, 1968. The trilingual Georgian/American poet, novelist, essayist, performer. An active participant of the American and international poetry and artistic scenes, such as PEN World Voices, 92Y Poetry Center, Voices of Poetry, Long Island Poetry Listings. His poems issued in the USA by the several literary magazines.

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