List of Respected Poetry Magazines

List of Respected Poetry Magazines


I’ve made a list of high-acceptance poetry magazines to give new and emerging poets a clear path forward. I’m happy to say that Vita Brevis has since springboarded hundreds of new poets into magazines around the world.

And though I mostly provide resources for poets who are still finding their footing, I figure I should add another index.

So, here is a collection of respected poetry magazines. They have much lower acceptance rates, but they still aren’t top-of-the-line publications like Harper or the New Yorker.

Regardless, they’re very impressive and, if you’ve been able to get published in magazines on the other list, then you should really give these a shot!

List of Respected Poetry Magazines

Harvard ReviewSubmit
BirdFeast Submit
Tin HouseSubmit
Punchnel’s Submit
Crazyhorse Submit
PANK Submit
TINGE MagazineSubmit
Zone-3 Submit
Palette PoetrySubmit
The Missouri ReviewSubmit
The Threepenny ReviewSubmit
Poetry MagazineSubmit
The Ascent Submit
The Hudson ReviewSubmit
New England ReviewSubmit
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  1. Wow. It’s a competitive pursuit then. Ihave also seen (a lot of) rates lower than half a percent. Thanks for this list, you have given me plenty to strive for!

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