Wake – A Poem by Shaun Clamp

Campfire – Winslow Homer

Poem by Shaun Clamp


It’s a mournful tune

like the sound of sleep

in the treetops overhead,

the sound of the sea moving above me

on me, but distant, touching

only my breaths


I woke to its heaviness this morning

It positions you

holds you there on the bed

looking at the ceiling

the back wall

the lines prismic

and you feel a despair you’d hoped sleep would take care of

but its there

and you get up

and move in this sound

its heaviness

positioning you

in this courtyard in your body, in your face in the mirror,

you, gazing at the bricks as the hand


moves the brush in your mouth


You try to figure this feeling

there’s a meaning in your breaths

a dead insect lies on the windowsill

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