Path to Healing – A Poem by Satvika Menon

Sunspots – Cuno Amiet

A Poem by Satvika Menon

She rises
Her hands dripping with sweat
Fear clings to her legs
Clawing into her tender skin
Reaching towards her heart
Pushing it against her weak chest
Forcing a choked cry out of her sore throat
Her hand clasps against her mouth
Stifling the sobs that rise from inside
Opening the path to healing
As the path to healing
Opens before her
And she walks

About the Poet

Satvika Menon is a 15-year-old aspiring poet who has previously been published in a few magazines. She dreams of being successful one day, but more than that, she hopes to spread messages of hope, healing, and feminism through her writing.

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