A Warrior’s Poem – Poetry by Walt Page

The Wanderer Above the Sea of Fog – Caspar David Friedrich

A Poem by Walt Page: The Tennessee Poet

I went to the mountain
And listened to the sun crying
For I am a warrior
The last of my kind
A searcher of truth
A carrier of hope
I am a poet
An artist with words
I carry the sword of kings
I am the spirit of the wild
Rivers flow in me
A fire burns in me
I am an ancient forest
Teeming with life
I am the keeper of the wolf
Howling at the moon
I am the last butterfly
Riding on the waves
Of the north winds
I open a doorway to silence
I slay sadness and sorrow
With my sword and my words
I went to the mountain
Where I dried the tears of the sun

About the Poet

Walt Page, The Tennessee Poet, is a romantic old rock drummer, musician, USAF veteran and an open heart surgery survivor. He has been published on Vita Brevis, Visual Verse and Slasher Monster Magazine. Walt lives in the Tennessee country with his wife Susan, 2 horses and 10 rescue dogs.

Don’t miss Walt’s great interview with Vita Brevis!

20 thoughts

  1. I think
    β€œI am the last butterfly”
    is my new favorite line of poetry now. Beautifully done, Walt. That first line is devastating too, in the best possible way.

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