The Station – A Poem by Himalia

Vita Brevis Poetry Magazine Submit Poem
Compartment Car – Edward Hopper

Submitted by Himalia

I see pictures filling entire walls
and think,
“This is how I feel.”
Stuck at a station in the middle of nowhere.
a train won’t ever come.
Looking out at the tracks,
I notice they are coated in black and white.
I’ll step down onto the cold, hard steel
and let the cool air seep into my fingernails
and spread until I feel crisp.

There still is no color.
No shades of warm green speckled
in your eyes that I have grown to love.
Each thread of my clothing
and each strand of my hair,
they are turning to ice
as I walk down the path of a machine.
An animal passes quickly,
I whisper a soft “hello.”

A thickly furred canine,
a friend.
I see him in black and white,
but I look into his eyes
and see warm specks of red
reflecting in the light.

We continue on together.
In the distance,
the sound of a horn bellows
and the soft purr of an engine erupts in our ears.

3 thoughts

  1. Yikes. The black and white denotes a cold, stark reality. Very vivid. The poem scared me but still I like it a lot!

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