Treatment not Cure – A Poem by Ana Cottle

Vita Brevis Poetry Magazine Submit Poem
Peter Vilhelm Ilsted – In the bedroom

Submitted by Ana Cottle

An excellent sense of humor
smooth and simple
wrapped up in blue banter.

Deposed, deployed stratagem
for a cropped up, bankrupt, here but
for the unspoken words

Talking to a lamp is much like
talking to a brick wall,
but I can see my breath
in the glow.

Lace and dust and leaves
Morbid but mundane.

Nobody’s guilty of anything.

About the Poet

Ana Cottle studied Comparative Literature at UC Berkeley with a concentration in feminist Yiddish poetry. She has lived in Uruguay and Argentina and speaks both Spanish and Yiddish. Ana currently serves as the Poetry Editor for Carve Magazine. Her poetry and translations have been published or are forthcoming in Ofi Press, Eunoia Review, Rabid Oak, Mojave Heart Review, FIVE:2:ONE & #thesideshow, and Mesorah Matrix.

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