EDITOR’S CHOICE: Okay – A Poem by Lisa Poff


*EDITOR’S CHOICE AWARD: Bringing my favorite previously published poems back to the front page*

Submitted by Lisa Poff

Wednesday was when
Martin the gardener
asked, “How are you?”
And I started bawling
like a fool.
This sixty-year-old
Hispanic man
took me
by the hand
saying, “It’s all right….
You’re gonna be okay.”

Both of us knew
his words weren’t true,
but it was the
right thing to say.

I appreciated it
when he then confided
what had been
troubling him.
And I realized
our humane exchange
is what it really means
to be okay.

About the Poet

Lisa Poff is a single mom of two children—one with a rare medically complex condition.  Writing poetry makes Lisa happy, and she hopes her readers feel a connection in this condition called living.  Her poetry has been published in the anthology Stories That Need to Be Told, Crosswinds Poetry Journal, Runcible Spoon, Ghost City Review, and is forthcoming in the I Am Strength anthology.

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