Winners of the Haiku Contest!

I hope everyone had a great Halloween! It’s been a while (thanks for your patience–life has kept me pretty busy), but I made it through every single haiku in the October contest. You’re all great–I saw some excellent poetry there but also some very thoughtful responses. Many thanks for that. Vita Brevis is a poet’s community, after all.

That said, let’s take a look a some of the notable mentions:

Five (of many) Notable Mentions:


Submitted by Chris Black

Haiku (1)
Not a breath of wind
Bronze, golden scatter of leaves
Calm before the storm


Submitted by rivrvlogr

Emptiness 1
woodpecker hammers
emptiness in sycamore
carpet of woodchips


Submitted by memadtwo

The moon sailing free–
hare pauses in the forest,
listening for light.


Submitted by Poetry Science

I am Furtherst from Myself
Unknown to myself
I remain, like dusty gems
Yet to know the light.


Submitted by merrildsmith

kettle of vultures,
feathered wings circle blue skies—
life following death

Winning Haiku

Congratulations, Ivor! You’ve won the October haiku contest. I’ve published your poem on the front page of Vita Brevis!

Find it Here



8 thoughts

  1. Thank you so much Brian for the mention. There were so many wonderful poems to choose from. And I’m especially pleased to be grouped with some poets I know well and who always do wonderful work. (K)

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