She has It – A Poem by Karen Sandberg

Vita Brevis Poetry Magazine Submit Poem

Submitted by Karen Sandberg

She has it. In her hands.
How did it slip from mine?
I’m unaware of my forfeit, fooled that my hands
look heavy with the future when
they are heavy with loss.
Her confidence entrances me. She strides
ahead, graceful, the master of her galaxy.
The elegant turn of her head encompasses me.
Her wealth is forward, mine securely in my life already lived.
We meet, she holding future,
me holding past, to converse, to laugh,
to verify holes in the universe, three AM fears, and the stunning
design of that cloud in the glory of this afternoon.

About the Poet

Karen lives and writes in Minnesota.  She is a member of Penchant/Northfield Women Poets, has studied with Jericho Brown, Joan Kane, Thomas R. Smith, and has been published in literary journals such as Main St. Rag, Freshwater Literary Journal.

Painting:  Casper David Friedrich – Man and Woman Contemplating the Moon

2 thoughts

  1. I enjoyed the rhythm of the poem and the contrasts you established between the two, with this strong line capturing my imagination, and “She strides
    ahead, graceful, the master of her galaxy.”

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