Just a Blank White Page – A Poem by Walt Page


A Poem by Walt Page: The Tennessee Poet

That’s how they begin
My poems
When it happens
The words pour out of my pen
Thoughts from my soul
Creating words from my heart
Inspired by love
Inspired by pain
The blood in my veins
Becomes the ink in my pen
And the blank white page
Becomes poetic art
Once again

About the Poet

Walt Page, The Tennessee Poet, is a romantic old rock drummer, musician, USAF veteran and an open heart surgery survivor. He has been published on Vita Brevis, Visual Verse and Slasher Monster Magazine. Walt lives in the Tennessee country with his wife Susan, 2 horses and 9 rescue dogs.

See my interview with Walt here!

Painting: Honore Daumier – Painter Dividing into Sheets a Paperboard of Drawing

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